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Keep connected with all the latest insights from Momentum Media and our communities

Keep connected with all the latest insights
from Momentum Media and our communities

Jocko Willink connects with Momentum during Australian visit

06 December 2019

Retired United States Navy SEAL, podcaster and author Jocko Willink visited Momentum Media HQtoday. While here, he shared his insights on leadership...

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Politics, the battlefield and the changing nature of Australia’s strategic discourse

21 November 2019

Retired Major General turned senator Jim Molan joined the Defence Connect podcast in September to discuss the nation’s need for a National Security...

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Smart Property Investment Podcast Network marks huge podcast milestone

03 November 2019

Podcasts from one of Momentum Media’s flagship podcast channels, The Smart Property Investment Network, have now been downloaded over 2.5 million...

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Lawyers Weekly reveals firms’ attitudes to overtime policy shake-up

31 October 2019

In an exclusive in-depth analysis, Momentum Media’s Lawyers Weekly platform reached out to 20 law firms to gauge their reaction to new Fair Work...

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Defence Connect discusses innovation with next-gen leaders

10 October 2019

Momentum Media’s business intelligence and information platform for the defence sector Defence Connect is committed to supporting national security...

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Defence Connect backs Australia’s defence industry through Pacific 2019 coverage

10 October 2019

October’s Pacific expo in the event’s biggest in its 20-year history, drawing international and local industry and uniformed leaders, and for...

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Taking a closer look at a leading-edge expeditionary strike helicopter capability with the US Marines

23 September 2019

Defence Connect journalist Steve Kuper travelled to Okinawa, Japan, to get an insiders look at the Bell AH-1Z Viper attack helicopter operated by...

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Lawyers Weekly meets new Australian head of multinational law firm

20 September 2019

Momentum Media platform Lawyer’s Weekly connects with over 150,000 unique professionals every month across the legal services sector and is...

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